10 Easy Steps to Create a Women's History Trail

10 Easy Steps to Create a Women's History Trail in One Year — Yes, it can be done!

(And this method applies to other kinds of history trails!)

The plan outlined in this book is designed to give a community the highest return on your investment including economic, educational, and civic benefits. Also, these projects are great fun!

The 10 Steps include:

Step 1: Selling the Idea and Finding a Home for Your Trail
(critical to the trail’s long-term success)

Step 2: Forming Your Trail Committee and Building Your Network
(this is where the benefits start to kick in)

Step 3: Setting Up Systems
(your life will be so much easier if you do)

Step 4: Preparing for and Hosting Your Public Meeting
(a rewarding and creative exercise)

Step 5: Developing the Content of Your Trail
(specific ideas on where to look for information)

Step 6: Determining Your “Product”
(you have options, and you need to set a budget)

Step 7: Fundraising to Support Your Trail
(it really can be fun)

Step 8: Developing Your Product
(working with your creative team)

Step 9: Opening Your Trail
(planning the big day)

Step 10: Now What? — Keeping the Trail “Alive”
(I provide lots of examples)

You will also get:

• sample press releases
• sample nomination form
• sample brochures
• sample book covers and interior pages from other trail projects
• helpful link
• sample timeline

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10 Easy Steps to Create a Women's History Trail
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