Letters of Loss & Love: J.S. Murray's Letter Book 3

The second volume of Bonnie Hurd Smith's multi-year project to publish Judith Sargent Murray's letter books contains letters written during the years 1785 to 1789, transcribed in their entirety, indexed, and introduced by Bonnie.

The letters in this volume document the end of Judith Sargent's marriage to the ship captain John Stevens Jr., his escape from Gloucester for the West Indies, and death.

The letters also chronicle her brief poverty and widowhood, and her happy marriage to the Universalist preacher John Murray who was facing threats to his ministry, and their honeymoon visit with John and Abigail Adams.

During these years, Judith also traveled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, York, Maine, and parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut, all of which she described in her letters.

The letters are a new eyewitness account, written by a female professional writer. They are great fun!

492 pages. Soft cover. Illustrated. Indexed. Price includes tax and shipping.

Letters of Loss & Love: J.S. Murray's Letter Book 3
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