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I started Hurd Smith Communications just over 20 years ago as a graphic design firm, having been well-trained in Boston Museum of Science's publications office. As a writer, historian, and communications professional, the company quickly grew to include design, writing, print management, public relations, community outreach, marketing, and event planning.

Today, Hurd Smith is singularly focused on publishing and providing the creative services you need to publish your book!

History Smiths

In 2011, I created History Smiths, a specialized business area of Hurd Smith, because I kept seeing over and over again how businesses, organizations, and communities can benefit from thinking differently about history -- as a source of inspiration AND information.

For you, your business, or organization, and for the people and communities you serve, history is an incredible source of information and inspiration that's directly applicable to today. The key is to figure out how, and where it applies for an ROI you'll be happy with. That's what we do, and our products can help in the absence of hands-on consulting or coaching.

History can also make your marketing, PR, and community outreach "sing!" The key, once again, is to figure out how. Your business history and anniversary are two places to start.

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My best wishes for your success!

Bonnie Hurd Smith

P.S. If you are a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, please choose the "Print and Call" method of payment, and just send us a check minus the tax and a copy of your tax-exempt certificate. Easy!)

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